07 May 2010

Random shout out...

Good food, good wine.  No, no, strike that.  Great food, great wine.  Nope, still not there.  Maybe it's just beyond a simple four word opener.  So, I'll do what I do best - I'll be wordy about it.  I call this a "random" shout out, by the way, because I'm about to touch on current stuff, whilst still very aware that I have yet to post about the last two rides.  You see, because it is random you can't get mad at me for this chaos.  Yes, it's a rule.  It's my blog, so I make the rules.  Don't try to argue. 
Back to the topic - a [random] shout out about food and wine.  We'll start with the wine (don't we always?).  I may make my brother blush, I may make him argue, and I may not care because I speak the truth.  I don't think anyone would ever describe me as the most trusting of people.  I don't delegate much because most of the time, I just feel I'm better off doing it myself.  When it comes to knowing wine, I trust my brother implicitly, as do many others.  He understands wine - not in a pompous "I'm now going to go on for the next 20 minutes about just one aspect of this wine you could never hope to understand" kind of way - but really understands it.  When you understand something through and through versus memorizing some facts about it, you can talk to someone about it from any aspect and they start to understand too - they get wrapped up in the story you are telling them.  Yes, the story.  Wines have stories.  He knows them.  People like to hear them.  This is why when I thought of doing some sort of wine fundraiser, I went to him.  Delegation - you betcha!  He has put in quite a bit of work to develop a theme, consider various wines carefully, and discuss things with my next shout out to make sure the evening will be truly enjoyed by those that attend.  So, for his work, unbelievable knowledge, and agreeing to accept delegation and talk about wines at my event, this wine shout out goes to my brother, Zach.
The second half of this shout out is the food.  Incredible wine is only made better by incredible food and vice versa.  I mean, really, eat, drink, be merry - right?  Hmm...maybe it CAN be summed up in four words.  Oh well, already on a roll with my wordiness.  The best pasta around can be found at Justa Pasta.  Whether eating there or taking some homemade pasta home to make (our household favorite is the caramelized onion ravioli and we aren't even vegetarians anymore! yum!), Justa Pasta is awesome. (Wow, that really sounded like a canned plug! It's the truth, though.) So, of course, they were the perfect choice for a place to host a wine dinner and trust with the food.  Yes, just as I trust Zach with wine, I trust Justa Pasta with food.  Since I really did kind of drop the whole thing in Zach's lap and then kind of in Justa Pasta's, too, I really haven't done a bit of work!  Zach has worked with Roland, JP's owner, to put together a menu and I haven't done a thing!  It's really, truly awesome.  So, food shout out goes to Justa Pasta.  Thanks for all your work and for helping to make this super easy on me, while providing fantastic food for me to dine on!
Eat, Drink, Be Merry.  Easily done if Zach picks your wine and Justa Pasta makes your food.

Oh, if you are wondering about the wine dinner, I must remind you that there is an order to this here blog.  Be patient - I haven't even posted about my last two rides, so I can't very well start telling you about something coming up!  Go drink a glass of wine and relax a bit - jeesh.

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  1. Content, happy, smile...on my face! I love my kids!!