04 June 2010

Antonio & I have been reunited!

I don't know if it's because I have had any sleep or what, but I feel like I am being picked on already! We got checked in and had about 10min to get changed for a ride and meet down in the lobby. I survived that step. Yay! Then we walk over to get our bikes, slap on our pedals and head out for a short ride just to make sure that everything was working. Within 1/4mi, I dropped my chain. Wait, scratch that, I should say, I dropped my freshly lubed chain! Others from the group asked if I needed help getting it back on and I said I was fine. However, it had dropped to the inside and lubed up as it was, didn't want to cooperate. I had grease all over my hands, I was tired, and I could no longer see anyone from my team. I got the chain on, wiped my hands on my shorts and continued on with my blackened hands. I wasn't sure where my team went, but just rode around shifting and noticing there was still an issue with my front chainring, so I circled around to the Team In Training maintenance stop. A small derailleur adjustment and I was on my way. It felt good to do the short ride. Gave me a very short lived adrenaline rush.
I have now washed my hands, changed, eaten, and am about to finally go to sleep. We've an 8am ride and I want my rest. This no sleep thing is for the young ones.

Long first day. Tomorrow will be great - I just know it!


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