05 June 2010

The Team!!!!

This is everyone from the OSWIM team (Oregon, Southwest Washington, Idaho, Montana) before we head out for a morning 20mile ride. There was one climb 10 miles into the ride and well, let's just say I got my first taste of how difficult it can be to breathe at this altitude. Upside is that the other side of that climb held a lovely downhill ride for us. Yay for speed!
I have slept and feel so much better today. Kinda hungry, but we are waiting for food now, so that will be short lived.
More to come.
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1 comment:

  1. Very nice!!! So, obviously, the riders from Idaho & Montana have not participated in your Team in Training rides...new faces/friends...very cool!! Our thoughts are with you Heather!!! You look awesome in this pic...happy (hmm...you seem much happier when Antonio is around!!) ;)