08 January 2010

The Beginning

Regrettably (well, somewhat), I will miss the first group training session on 23 January, as I will be on a flight coming back from Hawaii (I know, no pity).  So, my first group training will take place the following Saturday, 30 January.

I will attempt to document how the group training rides were and throw in some entries for my individual rides from time to time, too.  I will also use this site to thank each and every person that supports me in this endeavor whether through a donation to LLS on my site (see My Fundraising Site link on the right) and/or just being there to cheer me on, inspire me, and put up with my whining!  Let's be honest, there will be whining.

So, here we go...wish me luck!


  1. You rock for doing this!! TNT is a great organization and you're going to have a ride of a lifetime.

  2. thanks, greg! you know, they are still doing registrations. :)