29 January 2010

More shout outs and catch up...

So, time flies when you take a vacation.  Hawaii was beautiful, but now it is time to get to work.  Much to do!  This is a very busy time of year for me (I seem to manage to say and mean that at any point in the year), but I am hoping that all the time put in for training will simply act as an outlet for stress.  Most importantly, it is never forgotten that those for whom I am doing this would love if 'busy time of year stress' was all they faced. 

Shout outs go to Steve Warren and Agnes Ramos!!!
The amount of support I have received from business associates is incredible.  I am so lucky to work with such generous people.  Most recently, Steve Warren and Agnes Ramos have donated to LLS.  Thank you so much.  I already enjoy working with each of you and now, well, now I am simply warmed by you.  Thank you.

Training starts in earnest on Saturday.
This Saturday is the first group ride.  I missed the kick-off party, so I have yet to meet my teammates in person.  I am excited to meet them, as our exchanges through email and our group site have shown that this will be a great group.  We will ride a nice short and flat ride around Sauvie Island.  A couple of teammates are meeting at my house and we are riding out to Sauvie to add a few miles to our day.  Without much time on the bike this month, I have a feeling that this usually easy ride will be a bit tough.  At the very least, the on-ramp to the St Johns bridge coming back will be a killer.  I love-hate that on-ramp.  Really.

Thanks for all the support.  I am one-tenth of the way to my goal, thanks to all of you.  You're awesome!

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