02 February 2010

I'm Selling My Body!!!

Yes, many of you probably figured it would happen eventually.  I say this in my defense: it's for a good cause!  And guess what?  It's 100% tax deductible for the buyers!

When I ride 100-miles around Lake Tahoe on June 6, I will be advertising your message...wherever you buy the space.  Now, I cannot do this ride in the nude...it's against the rules (thankfully).  However, I will advertise your message however you wish - marker on skin, banner pinned to jersey or shorts, tape across shoes, labels on my helmet...or a temporary tattoo.  That's right, you go to StrayTats and order up a tattoo (upload your own design, customize one of theirs, whatever), send it to me and I'll wear it on your purchased body part.

And yes, you will receive a photo of your ad on me during race day.  (By the way, that alone is worth something as I despise photos of myself and do whatever to avoid them.)

Body parts are sold first come, first serve.  Decide what part you want, click on the Donate Now button in the right column of this blog and donate the purchase price of the part selected and then email me what part you bought (some parts cost the same amount, if you don't tell me what you want, I won't know).  Then prior to June 6, you tell me what you want on your ad or send me your tattoo.  Your message can be in memory or honor of a cancer survivor, it can be for your business, it can be "I own Heather's left cheek!," or just a simple message of encouragement - whatever...so long as it is not in poor taste to others.  Donate TWICE the price and I will sport your message on the flight out to Tahoe on Friday, June 4 (I must make it through security at the airport...keep that in mind) through to the end of the race on Sunday!

Pricing of parts is below.  Again - first come, first serve.  I will update the list as they are sold.
  • Left Helmet (Head) - This is my logical side and, therefore, worth a bundle folks...pay up!  $50 SOLD @ DOUBLE in memory - thanks Dawn! Ah...a decorated headdress for the weekend!
  • Right Helmet (Head) - You'd better send a creative message if you want this side.  $40 SOLD to Build Creative Group: http://www.weliketobuild.com/!  Thanks! Another doubled amount.  Awesome!
  • Face - Hmm...marker or tat on my face...likely to still be there on the flight back home...that's gonna cost you: $200
  • Neck - Strangle me with your message.  Remember though, I'm already at higher altitude for the ride and having a hard time breathing. Choke me on the cheap! $25 SOLD @ double!!! Tat on its way.  Scary....  thanks Frank!
  • Back - This will be the most visible message to most riders...as I plan to pass them!  $100 SOLD! Thanks, mom & Todd.  :)
  • Left Breast (Heart) - While I wouldn't normally favor one over the other, this one is associated with my heart, it's definitely worth more.  $75
  • Right Breast - The ride is for LLS, but if you want to remember or honor someone that fought breast cancer, this is the perfect place!  (See how I made that totally clean for all you dirty-minded people?) $60
  • Stomach - Be my fuel throughout the race.  100 miles burns a lot of calories...give your message here some substance!  $50 SOLD in memory.  Thanks, Pat!
  • Left Arm/Right Arm - These are important for shifting, braking, feeding and watering myself, and will be exposed skin areas, as I'll be wearing a short-sleeve jersey.  $35/arm
  • Left Hand/Right Hand - Much like the arms, hands play an important role, but they are smaller. $20/hand
  • Left Butt Cheek/Right Butt Cheek - Plenty of room for a good size message on either side here. $40/cheek Both SOLD to Robyn!!! Thanks Robyn!
  • Left Quad/Right Quad - This is where most of the power is, so send a powerful message for these babies.  $50/quad Both SOLD - Thanks, dad & Barbara!
  • Left Calf/Right Calf - Exposed skin and part of the powerhouse.  These are called the Johnson calves in my family - they mean business!  $30/calf Both SOLD - Thanks Mike!
  • Left Shin/Right Shin - While I would prefer a massage over a message here, as I do get shin splints, please give me a message of hope for this space!  $25/shin
  • Left Foot/Right Foot - I hope your message is worth covering up my adorable red cycling shoes! $20/foot
Pick your body part?  Click on Donate Now and then email me or it could be sold to another.  Note: until I confirm the donation has been made, the body part is still up for grabs...so to speak. 

Make me work for you, while we work to find a cure for blood cancers!

If buying part of my body just makes you a bit uncomfortable or you just wouldn't know what to say in your space, never fear.  Also up for grabs is sponsorship of each mile I cover.  Make your donation and tell me what mile(s) you want.
***update 05-Feb-10: Tracking sponsorship of miles has moved to its own page.  Check the Sponsor A Mile link at the top of the page or click here.
  • Miles 1 - 25: Easy-peasy $10/mile M7 SOLD
  • Miles 26-50: Starting to feel it $20/mile M36 & M50 SOLD
  • Miles 51-60: Really hungry now  $25/mile
  • Miles 61-70: Cramp.  Definitely a cramp.  $30/mile M69 SOLD
  • Miles 71-80: Gearing up for more hills  $35/mile
  • Miles 81-90: Hill climb at this point? Crazy!  $40/mile M88 SOLD
  • Miles 91-99: Need everything I can get now.  $50/mileM92 SOLD
  • Mile 100: The final mile!!! $75 SOLD
Remember - 100% tax deductible, 100% feel good experience.

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