28 February 2010

Sponsors and sensors, oh my!

While not reflected in my fundraising thermometer at this time, I gained a lot of sponsors this past week.  More incredibly generous people that have given to a great cause.  I have added them to my shout out list on the right.  Thanks to all of you, our local chapter of Leukemia and Lymphoma Society has already served 780 patients since their fiscal year began and they have given out $112,000 to benefit patients in Oregon, SW Washington, Idaho and Montana.  Freaking incredible! 
In my previous post, I mentioned my cadence.  After having my bike computer for about 8-months, I finally have a working cadence sensor.  I've had a sensor the entire time and have tried to figure out why it wasn't working.  Took it to the bike shop and asked if they could tell and, finally, bought a new one.  After installing the new one, taking it for a quick spin up and down the street and still the cadence read zero, I knew something was up.  So, after playing with the settings on the watch once again, I found that I had to select that I was about to do a bike ride before hitting the start button (I have a multisport computer).  Does it tell you this in the instructions?  No.  I had read them a billion times the first go round of trying to make it work.  Now, it is working and I have a spare sensor.  Lovely.  I think I need to go email Polar now. 

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