06 February 2010

New Format

I've changed up the format of my blog!  Yeah, I like to mix things up a bit.  I now have pages and will be adding more.  At this point, I have added a page for tracking sponsorship of miles and buying my body parts.  I will be adding a memory/honor page, so if anyone that has sponsored me would like to share anything (even a name) about someone they would like me to ride in memory or honor of, just email that to me and I will also put it on that page.  I have heard some amazing stories since starting this endeavor.  If you have a picture of the person that you would like me to put with it, by all means, send that too!

Getting ready to head out for our second group ride.  This one is a 20-miler and since I ended up getting in a ride yesterday afternoon (Portland had some beautiful weather yesterday), I am probably not going to add any miles to the ride.  Plus, I have to run (not in the literal sense) on down to Salem and watch McKensie play volleyball.  I am missing the morning games due to the ride.  :( 

Thanks again to all of you that are helping me along in this.  I really have hope that with the amount of technology and knowledge we have today, we are very close to finding a cure. 


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