03 February 2010


So, if you are just checking in here about buying a body part, scroll on down to the previous post.  As of the time of this posting, there are still some available.  When those are gone or if it just suits you better, I am also selling sponsorship of each individual mile that I will be biking - all 100 of them (listed below the parts).
This has been such a crazy day.  Beginning with selling my first body part early this morning and the late afternoon traffic on my parts.  I knew this could be fun, but seriously, I urge each of you to do this someday - for a cause such as raising money for cancer, of course.  Keep it legal, people.  Honestly though, for those that shared their story of loss and are buying space in memory of someone, gives me all the more purpose to complete those miles.  Truly.  For those that are putting a humorous message on your purchased part, you will bring a smile to my face during the ride...and likely those around me.  Thank you.  All of you.  For whatever your reason, YOU are playing a role in my completion of this ride and, most importantly, in finding a cure for blood cancers. 

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